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livestream videostream Welcome to my streaming website. 💖 When either the livestream or the videostream is online you can see the buttons on the side animate and can click them to participate. Alternatively, you can use the on-demand programmes and do classes whenever you want! Early in the morning or perhaps even in the middle of the night if you feel like dancing! 💃 Who cares! 😜

On-demand you will be able to watch 2 different classes of your choosing per day, and the next day you can watch 2 others and the day after 2 more, etc. Promos are excluded, so you can watch them all, and still watch 2 classes the same day. You can watch the same class multiple times on the same day if you want. Classes are available in sets of the same programme called a 'release'. You can acquire access to a release using flowers 💐 (which are the currency on this website). Once you have acquired access to a certain release, you can watch all videos in there. Some releases will cost more flowers and others less. Once you run out of flowers you can buy more using a bank transfer.

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